Re·Abandoned Practices Institute
Chicago 2022
July 11 - 29

This 3-week summer intensive course constructs itself as a weave of practices of performance, writing, installation, and documentation, with projects in varying degrees of individual and collaborative engagement. Summer 2022 will be delivered as a 'modified in person' course from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Reduced tuition rate for non-credit participants available.

The course will operate between remote shared platforms and technologies for the sake of public safety. The instructors will deconstruct those platforms in order to imagine and actualize the creative possibilities within them. Teachers and visiting scholars will lecture on related subjects.

Re·Abandoned Practices will research and enact practices that have been disregarded in the wake of progress, relegated to the archives of history. The course does not propose that we share a mutual past, but rather that we might mutually discover a shared strategy of thinking about varied pasts, a strategy of reimagining and reenacting the different abandoned practices that at some time in some place defined the ordinary.

In this opportune moment, this course will ask a new set of questions. Do we accept that we must abandon the practices that we have rediscovered as provisional, to return to an unsustainable, unethical normal? Must we sacrifice reduced air travel, pedestrian streets, and the resurrected drive-in movie?

We have seen the public return of the plague doctor mask, and the private democratization of access. We witness the annihilation of scale in the frame of the screen, the microscopic virus appearing equal beside the planetary nebula. What constitutes practice now, individual and collective? What does isolation subtract from creativity, and what does it add? What renewed practices become endangered?

Available for credit and non-credit enrollment.

Matthew Goulish: Writing
Lin Hixson: Performance
Mark Jeffery: Performance

Visiting Lecturers:
To Be Announced

Registration 2022:
SAIC student Registration begins 23rd March 2021
Non SAIC Registration begins 29th March 2021

SAIC for credit tuition:
Undergraduate - $5,220 ($1,740 per credit x 3 credit hours)
Graduate - $5,394 ($1,798 per credit hour x 3 credit hours)
Non-credit tuition for 3.00 units:  $3,236. Continuing Studies course number: ARTRES 501-001

3 credits STUDIO (4000-level): Course number PERF 4005-001 #1238

Non-SAIC students: Abandoned Practices Institute is also available for non-credit registration to participants outside of SAIC.
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